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Vandliz Pop Top Roofs

The Vanlidz pop top roof

When looking to purchase an elevating / pop top roof system for a camper van, most people think they are all going to be the same. This is not the case!

We offer some of the best pop top roof systems in the UK, always made with top quality materials.

Pop top roofs for a variety of vehicles

Vanlidz Pop Top Roofs

Why you should choose us

We offer a range of customisation roof top options for your van.
Have a look at some of the options below and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

We offer a 3 year warranty with all of our roof systems.

All roofs are made using a highly advanced vacuum resin infusion process which greatly enhances dimensional stability and guarantees the perfect resin to glass ratio, resulting in the strongest and lightest parts. This is an advanced moulding technique mainly used in the aerospace industry.

We only use high HDT gel coats and premium heat resistant resins in our roof systems.

Our roofs are stronger and slimmer than that of an equivalent fibreglass only roof. We use aluminium frames which are incorporated into the moulding process of all our roof shells.

We use an advanced honeycomb / high density foam core to ensure the best insulation, acoustic and strength properties. We do not use any wood in our roof shells.

One piece roof systems which are custom made to fit the exact dimensions of the vehicle. Many of our competitors use front fibreglass pods that need to be bonded onto the front of the van which can distort the integrity of the roof.

We DO NOT have any bolts / fixings going through our roof shells. All fixings are incorporated into the roof shell upon manufacture. This ensures the roofs are sleek, smooth and very strong.

Our high lift hinges are custom designed by VAN-LIDZ and specific to each model of vehicle we supply roof systems for. They are all heavy duty and available in powder coated steel or marine grade stainless steel.

All of our roof systems have been designed and engineered to use as many of the original roof rack fixing points to ensure that the roof system is attached to the vehicle in the most secure and safest way. This prevents leaks which we have seen on other roof systems.

We only use heavy duty galvanised strengthening frames to put maximum strength back into the vehicle after the original roof has been removed.

We have designed and developed a rear strut system for all of our pop top roof systems. This gives extra head height at the rear whilst also removing stress on the hinges thus creating a more reliable and sturdy roof system.

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